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“World class trombonists do not just happen. Their talents are forged in the dual furnaces of determination and diligence ”

Edward Kleinhammer

Here is a small sampling of live recordings.  I'm always working on something or another, trying to become world class like the quote above, so if you have any requests, let me know!

John Mackey's "Hymn to a Blue Hour" from October of 2018 with the WTAMU Trombone Choir under the direction of Dr. Manfredi.  What's amazing to me is that of the 18 members of the choir, there are only three who aren't freshmen or sophomores.  This group is scary good for its age!

Here's movement 1 (Rare) of Johan de Meij's "T-Bone Concerto" performed with the West Texas A&M University Symphonic Band under the direction of Don Lefevre.  It's amazing to play a solo with your own students!

Bert Appermont's "Colors" with the Warren Packard Concert Band... on one rehearsal that morning.  Kudos to the band and to their conductor, Dr. Stephen Gage, for their hard work!

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