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Don't lose the magic!

Taken from a Facebook post that has gotten much attention over the last few days:

College kids:

We have 4 weeks left, then finals/juries. If you're in great academic and playing shape... Great! Keep doing what you're doing. Get some sleep.

If you're behind in your school stuff - have a conversation with your professors to see what you can salvage, but remember this feeling, and do more work earlier next time. Life will be far less forgiving. Don't expect the terrain to smooth for you - just become more capable of navigating that terrain. That's education. Also, get some sleep. All nighters are destructive.

You're studying something you chose to study, which is an incredible luxury. Like something I saw on the Internet said: have you ever gotten mad at the Hogwarts students in Harry Potter for complaining about their fun magic homework? Don't lose the magic in what you're doing among the immediate details of work.

Finish strong. And get some darn sleep.

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