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What year is it?

Have you ever looked at the date, usually in January or February, and thought "No, that can't be right"? I'm having that experience, but looking at 2019 and thinking "That's in the past." So many of the things I'm working on are in 2020 or beyond that it's hard to remember that there are still two months... 1/6... left of this year, and plenty to do in them!

Here are some of the things that have kept me busy since the last update:

1) Ellis Christine Shanks was born 1/16/2019. She is absolutely perfect, radiant, and wonderful. She fills up so many diapers. She makes us laugh every day and it's the joy of my life to watch her growing and learning and starting to shape her world bit by bit.

2) The WTAMU Trombone Choir performed to a packed and enthusiastic house at the 2019 TMEA Conference. I was extremely proud of their performance AND their conduct!

3) We heard a number of excellent brass auditions, and I was happy to welcome 8 new students to the WTAMU Trombone Studio for 2019-2020.

4) I got to again perform with the STS Professors Choir, but more gratifying, three members of the studio participated - one in the Artist Class, one in the Performer Class, and one as the Social Media Intern. I expect that more will join us this summer! 5) The WTAMU Faculty Brass Quintet (now named Brass West) embarked on a performance tour of Italy. We played as part of three music festivals and in five locations total - from the grounds of Alfred Nobel's villa in Sanremo to the cathedral in Imperia with renowned organist Giorgio Revelli. I also ate an "American style" pizza that was covered in hot dog slices and french fries. Do not recommend. All other Italian food was to die for.

6) The WTAMU Trombone Choir was invited to perform at the 2020 American Trombone Workshop in Washington DC. I'm excited for this trip, and will be more excited once we finalize logistics.

7) We're preparing for Peter Steiner and Constanze Hochwartner's residency in just a few short weeks. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to host such world-class artists on our campus, and to make them available to our students.

8) In personal news, I've discovered weightlifting, and its benefits even when eating at a deficit. I've lost 25 pounds and become quite a bit stronger - and this has awakened an itch to do MORE.

9) I'm planning a mid-spring recital tour to my old stomping grounds in the Northeast, details to come.

See you in a year or so, blog!

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