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On the last year

Hello again! Many things have happened in the past year:

1) About to meet my firstborn at the end of January.

2) In an attempt to see whether I had professor face yet, ended up a close runner-up for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

3) Welcomed 12 new members to the WTAMU Trombone Studio, and their contributions have been immense.

4) Played maybe the most satisfying concert of my life with the STS Professors Choir at the International Trombone Festival.

5) WTAMU Trombone Choir was invited to perform at the 2019 TMEA Conference.

6) WTAMU Faculty Brass Quintet has some exciting news that's not quite ready for the public.

7) Hosted several excellent guest artists including Ilan Morgenstern and Bruce Faske. Next up is Jemmie Robertson in January.

8) Proudly watched the WTAMU Trombone Studio grow as people and musicians.

9) Selected the 2018-19 TMEA All-State Tenor Trombone etudes and watched the tears flow.

I may write larger entries about some of these topics in the near future, but this will suffice at the moment. I'm unbelievably thankful to be in the time/place/position/location that I am, and am hopeful that my daily work reflects that.

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