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TMEA 2017-18 All-State Tenor Trombone Etude Quick Tips!

#91: Learn to play a low Db in tune! Hint: The trigger is not an octave key! Find that Db in tune the octave above, then put down the trigger. You'll find that you have to move the slide out quite a bit to match the note you just played! Then play it an octave down. That's where that low Db lives!

Also, pay careful attention to the articulations - only slur what's slurred. I strongly prefer natural slurs when appropriate!

#92: Natural slurs when appropriate! Model your legato tongue sound on these natural slurs. What we call natural slurs or lip slurs, other instruments just call SLURS. Keep that air moving, keep the slide quick, and keep your embouchure supple enough to accept that slur.

#81: Phrase hairpin crescendo-decrescendo < > to the BEGINNING OF THE DECRESCENDO. Not the top of the crescendo! This little change helps your phrasing immensely.

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